Ending the Use of Toxic Flame Retardants

Deca, the toxic flame retardant already banned from use in consumer products, is now being used in the plastic pallets used to ship and store food and other products. Research suggests that Deca manufacturers may be putting as much of this chemical into pallets as they used to put into TVs. This Deca doesn’t stay in the plastic it is added to so it will pollute the environmental and eventually end up in us.

In 2010, we helped pass Maine legislation that requires replacment of Deca in plastic pallets with safer flame retardants, and prohibits the use of other brominated or chlorinated chemicals as replacements. This new law models the best kind of chemicals policy by requiring that alternative chemicals are truly safer than the toxic chemicals they replace.

In 2011, we’re defending the safer alternatives policy against an industry proposal that would allow Deca in shipping pallets to be replaced with other dangerous bromine or chlorine-based chemicals.